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Mention of Excellence

The Doctoral Programmes on Metamaterials is a well structured high-level training core for young researchers. Its main mission is to promote the strong cohesion among High Schools, Universities, Research Centres, Industry, Small-Medium-Enterprises and maintain the high standard of the research in metamaterials. The formal recognition of the certificate of "Mention of Excellence in Metamaterials" by the participating universities and wider professional community represents a further guarantee that such specialised training programmes maximize added value of the supported educational initiatives.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Members of the Consortium managing the Doctoral Programmes on Metamaterials, the major requirements for the candidates to be qualified to the "Mention of Excellence in Metamaterials" include:

  • initial enrolment in any University belonging to the Consortium (the "Home" University) which is the degree awarding institution for the PhD candidates;
  • a period of not less than 3 months in total spent on conducting research in metamaterials in at least one partner University other than the Home University;
  • a certain number of credit units gained from the Distributed Doctoral School on Metamaterials organized by the Consortium itself at various locations;
  • a number of journal and conference publications jointly authored with the partners affiliated with the Consortium in the field of metamaterials;
  • the thesis to be in the field of metamaterials.

Finally, the certificate of "Mention of Excellence in Metamaterials" is awarded by the Consortium Steering Committee after evaluating the application from candidates who successfully fulfilled all the prerequisites.

Please contact Prof. Carsten Rockstuhl for more information.