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Distributed Doctoral School

Research in metamaterials involves a wide spectrum of disciplines ranging from Applied Mathematics and Physics to Electrical and Electronic Engineering, from Chemistry to Materials Science, from Acoustics to Biophysics, etc. Thus, the metamaterials research is indeed a truly multidisciplinary field spanning the area from basic theoretical and experimental research at universities to industrial production of a diverse set of electrical, microwave, infrared and optical materials and devices.

A comprehensive interdisciplinary research training program in this rapidly advancing field requires the co-operation of the leading experts, and this was the driving idea underpinning the formation of the Consortium and the related Distributed School on Metamaterials.

The Consortium organizes 2-3 School events per year, which represent unique opportunities for students and young researchers to get exposure to the latest advancements in the field of metamaterials and meet the leading experts in this rapidly developing field. Schools are not only intended for promoting metamaterials, stipulating fascination, training the new generation of metamaterial researchers, but represent also a suitable place for fostering collaborations between different groups.