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XXXVI School Karlsruhe - Info



The school will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany. The city is famous not just for its pleasant and chilled life style and for housing the highest German court, it is also known as the place where Heinrich Hertz made the first experimental proof on the validity of Maxwell’s equations in 1886. The region is well known for its mild climate, which we currently hope is convincing at the time of the school. 


The school takes place at two different venues that are both close to the campus south of the KIT that is located in the city center. The lectures on scientific writing that take place on Monday and Tuesday will be given in the seminar rooms of NaWiK. They are located in the 4th floor in the building belonging to the faculty of Mathematics in the Englerstraße 2.

All lectures on Wednesday till Friday of this week will be given in Hector auditorium of the International Department located in the center of the city (Schloßplatz 19).

Finally, the poster session on Tuesday will be organized in the Foyer of the Gaede-Lecture hall (Engesserstraße 7), and the school dinner on Wednesday will take place in the Gastdozentenhaus Heinreich Hertz (Engesserstraße 3) on the KIT Campus South.

Here you find a detailed map of the Campus where the four locations are circled.


How to reach the Venue

The easiest option for getting to Karlsruhe for most people is flying to Frankfurt with an airline of your choice. From there, it is a one-hour train ride to Karlsruhe Main station. Trains commute every hour from early morning until nearly midnight. Alternatively, you may also fly from selected destinations to the Airport Karlsruhe (also known as Baden Airpark). From there, you have to take a public bus or a taxi that brings you to Karlsruhe main station. Please note, the further trip from Airport Karlsruhe might be a bit tedious since it is not as close to Karlsruhe as the name suggest. Please carefully check your further travel options.

Once you are at Karlsruhe Main station, the most convenient way to come to the Campus South of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is either by taxi or tram. Please see the linked plan for very detailed instructions on the how the trams are going. But eventually you have to find your way from the train station (Hbf Vorplatz) to the station Kronenplatz. If you leave the train station via the main exit you have to take a tram that travels towards the right. You can take the following lines with a direct connection:

  • Line 2 (towards Wolfartsweier)
  • Line S4 or S41 (towards Heilbronn, the final destination may change here, some trains may have an earlier terminal station)
  • Line S1 or S11 (towards Hochstetten or Neureut)

So overall there are many possibilities. The station Kronenplatz is also indicated on the Campus Map and from there it is a 5 minutes walk towards the meeting room.

If you come by car, you can use the parking deck in either Waldhornstraße or the Parkhaus am Kronenplatz in the Fritz-Erler-Straße 7.



A limited number of seats (15) is available for this school event. Therefore, we suggest you to register as soon as possible.

Registration fee includes:

  • Participation at all classes
  • School material
  • Free Wi-Fi Connection
  • Snacks and beverages in school breaks
  • School dinner
  • Snacks at the poster session

Note: you may consider becoming METAMORPHOSE VI Personal Member (Student: 50 Euro, Senior (>65): 60 Euro, Regular: 90 Euro) to take advantage of the significant discount.

Registration Type Fee in Euro
Student METAMORPHOSE Member 390
Student non-member 450
Non-METAMORPHOSE Member 1000
NOLOSS Fellow 1000

Registration is now open!!!

Please, go to the main website of the Association and create an account if you do not have one. Once registered, on the left side menu you will find the METAMORPHOSE online store.

Note: if you are from a METAMORPHOSE Member Institution and do not have an account to the main website yet, please, create one and send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to activate it with proper rights and get the discounted rates.

Cancellation policy:

  • after May 1, 2018: no refund
  • before May 1, 2018: 20% refund
  • before April 1, 2018: 35% refund
  • before March 1, 2018: 50% refund



Two 300 Euro travel grants will be given to motivated students for attending the school. Please, send your application (CV + letter signed by your supervisor certifying your student status) to the school coordinator Carsten Rockstuhl ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) by May 7 2018.



Should you need a visa for attending the school, please, send an email t This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  containing the following information:

  • First Name and Last Name (as appear on Passport)
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number
  • Date of Issue
  • Expiry Date

and attached a signed document by your supervisor certifying that you are coming to Karlsruhe for attending the school.  



You are free to book your own accommodation according to your needs. No special support will be provided but there are plenty of options.

As convenient and charming hotels we suggest you close to the campus:

But again, there are plenty of more hotels in the city and you are free to choose the most appropriate one.

Poster Session

The course includes a poster session where the students are asked to present their recent research to the teachers and other students. Therefore, each student should prepare and print a poster on their own research topic before the course. Using an existing conference poster is also fine.